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IBA’s Annual President’s Breakfast

This October we were able to support the Independence Business Alliance’s Chamber of Commerce at their annual President’s Breakfast. Since becoming a member of the IBA, JPG has had so many doors opened for us! IBA is how I met Gregory DeShields, my wonderful friend at PHL Diversity,  who has invited us to shoot many events for them and to whom we are grateful for the continued business and support. It is such a joy to see him at all of the events I attend for the organization as well as others that take place in the city. So when IBA asked us to shoot their breakfast, I jumped on it. I love going into the city, especially to the magnificent Four Seasons.

We were happy to go and capture the breakfast in a way to help IBA tell their story and show off their members. They had people share their success stories and we couldn’t help but echo their praise for IBA’s connections as we are living proof of their expanding enterprise. It was fascinating to hear how these different businesses had been transformed since their association with the IBA. Stories like that of Kelly Meerbot of You: Loud and Clear, reflected our own experience with the organization.

Tiffany Tavarez from PECO spoke and gave a great speech about how her work life and family come together. As family, wedding, and non-profit/corporate photographers, we constantly have to harmonize family and friendship with our jobs and it makes your work more genuine.

We loved getting to support real people, fighting for rights and support in the LGBTQ community.

It’s great to see friendly faces at each IBA/PHL event we attend, and I can’t wait for the IBA Holiday cocktail party coming up!



Stacey and Laura

Photographers on this Shoot

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