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JPG Joins the Ranks at the Annual IBA Meeting!

Here at JPG we are always on the lookout for more ways to make our passions meaningful, and to help the greater good. In this case, that happened when the Independence Business Alliance released a call-to-action, urging members to apply for nominations onto their board. The IBA is a leading promoter in LGBT business development, and works tirelessly to help ensure sufficient financial opportunities and positive growth in the LGBT community. Not only that, but they were recently voted the National Gay and Lesbian Chamber of Commerce Chamber of the year— a nationally recognized title. JPG has been a member of the IBA for over a year now, but I personally felt that it was time to walk the walk, and applied to be a board member!

Since joining forces with the IBA, JPG Photography has seen positive change and increased business opportunities for ourselves as well! We have always made it a part of our mission to fight alongside our friends for equality, and have felt an overwhelming sense of gratitude and mutual appreciation in this mission. We have had the opportunity to photograph a variety of events for the IBA, including their Annual Luncheon, their President’s Breakfast, and their Holiday Party, and every time we have been welcomed with open arms! At the event, I got to kick back, mingle with friends, and take in every moment while Joe photographed the board members raise their cards to vote me in, along with the other new members. This was both a personal achievement and a treasured memory.

I have gained so much from being a part of this alliance; I got to meet my friend Gregory DeShields (the Executive Director of PHL Diversity), and many more amazing, like-minded and loving people. Now, I am proud (and excited!) to say that I can play a role in helping further positive change as a board member, and look forward to photographing many great memories along the way!

Cheers, friends! To many more productive and meaningful years to come!


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