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JPG Stands with the Fight to End Human Trafficking

In a great nation such as ours, it’s appalling that human trafficking is prevalent in the shadows of our cities and towns. This modern day slavery is rarely talked about and widely ignored as a problem. This past year, the members of the President’s’ Advisory Council on Faith-based and Neighborhood  Partnerships took it upon themselves to bring this massive problem to light within the more mainstream parts of our government. In April, 2013, they released a report on steps the White House needed to take to eradicate this form of slavery. I was honored to be invited to document the release of this report and some of our photos are being used in an a more expanded strategic plan the federal government published this month to combat this rising challenge. We’re glad to be involved and we hope we can continue to provide visual imagery to raise awareness and not let our fellow sisters and brothers get taken advantage of further.


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