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JPG’s New “Megaphone” – WHYY Radio!

At JPG Photography, we’re more than just engagement and wedding photographers (although we do love to party). We’re also available for any other event that you can imagine — the sky’s the limit! Recently, we’ve wanted to emphasize our work with corporate, non-profit and special events in the region. To do that, we’ve decided that we needed a bigger megaphone than just our blog and website. That’s why we’re announcing our commercial spot on the WHYY radio stations!

For the remainder of December and partly into the new year, you will hear JPG serving as an advocate for WHYY on station 90.9 in Philadelphia and stations 90.3, 89.9, 89.7, 89.3, and 88.1 in New Jersey. We will be advertising our expansion into corporate and NPO photography through our JPG Cares brand. Being journalists who appreciate the ethical practices at NPR, we decided to pursue an underwriting schedule that allows us to support a worthy organization, as well as get our name out to the region.

Their higher standards of journalism are a great buffer to businesses like ours, so why not add our name to the list of small businesses they highlight AND support a fabulous radio station?  From This American Life to Marketplace, we love cranking up NPR at the office.

For our loyal couples and clients, we can’t thank you enough for your support over the years. And the best way you can continue to support us is to tell your family, friends, and co-workers about our photojournalistic skills with weddings AND our availability for corporate parties, annual reports, headshots, and much more! You can visit us at, and you can see our sweet-looking ad on the events page of The Circuit on

Let’s round out the holiday and ring in the new year with some new events and clients with the awesome, vibrant photos you’ve come to know and love from JPG.

Joe G.

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