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KU Alumni Honors Ambassador Pascoe

Past and present students from Kansas University’s Political Science program came to honor one of the university’s distinguished alumni in April, former Ambassador B. Lynn Pascoe.

Pascoe graduated from KU in 1964 with Bachelor’s in East Asian languages and cultures, international relations, and mathematics. He went on to live in China as a political officer in the 70’s, Indonesia post-tsunami, then Somalia during the fight on terrorism and piracy. He served as the U.S. Ambassador to Indonesia and Malaysia, recently retiring after a career in foreign politics with the UN.

The former and current political science students gathered to celebrate the ambassador and honor the achievements of the university’s political science program which was a short-term idea which became a staple of the university. The university’s program helps students find internships and gain experience in a city full of political opportunities, and this non-profit event honored those in public service.

The ambassador told students and alumni, “The truth is that the world is getting vastly more interconnected. I think it’s very important if people can to take a foreign language and especially, though, to get out and live in another country, live in another environment for a while. They’ll be better citizens of the U.S. when they do it,” according to an interview with Learning Without Borders, KU’s blog.

As my wife, Rebecca, is a professor in higher education, JPG supports KU’s networking and effort to further students’ experience in their fields. Our commercial and non-profit photography allows us to document attendees enjoying time together, as well as the awarding of people who have dedicated their lives to service.

Thank you for including us in your event, KU, and thank you Mr. Pascoe for all you’ve done!


Joe G.

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