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Make-A-Wish Calendar Features JPG and Yangzi!

Last year, JPG had the opportunity to share in a miraculous experience. We photographed young Yangzi and his running blade, which he received through Make-A-Wish Foundation. This was such a great memory for me, and I am happy to be reminded of it often. Our photograph of Yangzi was featured on the homepage, and now, in their 2016 Calendar.

Although this was a great experience for us, Yangzi is the one who earned this recognition. We were told by the Director of Program Services that their chapter will grant at least 315 wishes this year to kids with life threatening medical conditions. The staff at Make-A-Wish said that “That wish really had everything we want the world to know about why we grant wishes!”. Yangzi’s wish represents the heart of Make-A-Wish, and JPG had the honor of representing his heart, too.

Our involvement in charities like Make-A-Wish is a big part of our passion as photojournalists. There are some stories that simply need to be told. Like Yangzi, we hope to capture more stories of people soaring above the odds.

Best, Joe G.

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