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Mattison Ave. Elementary Wins Photo Booth Giveaway!

Back in January, JPG’s non-profit branch, JPG Cares, announced our Photo Booth Giveaway with yours truly, JPG’s Photo Booth. Deserving charities entered to win 3-hours of free coverage by me and my photo booth coordinator. Stacey Salter Moore and I recently got to hang out with one of our 10 winners, Mattison Avenue Elementary School.

We thought that Mattison Ave. in the Wissahickon school district was a great fit for our giveaway; at the end of this school year, the elementary school will close. The teachers and faculty wanted to end the year for its students on a fun note, so I was happy to attend the school’s end-of-year picnic.

From the kids to their friends and family, and even teachers, everyone got into the photo booth fun. It was great to see smiles on everyone’s faces while dressing up in my silly props.

Many other donors helped out at the picnic and in return, the students decorated posters for each of us and sent thank you cards with our poster’s photo on it! It was a perfect “thank you” from a great bunch of kids.

It was a pleasure to help end Mattison Avenue’s school year with a bang, making lots of memories the kids and faculty will have forever.

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