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SAP Supports Autistic Worker Community

Even though the developmental disorder known as Autism has become a more widely diagnosed, much mystery surrounds exactly how it works and best treat those with this struggle to work in everyday life. Autism Speaks, the leading autism advocacy organization, reports 1 in 68 children is diagnosed with autism, and is the fastest growing developmental disability in America.

Federal protections ensure that individuals with disabilities aren’t discriminated against, but few companies have gone to the effort of actively recruiting those with this disability.

Yet, this spring, the international technology company SAP, announced it not only supports the hiring of individuals with Autism, but has made it a hiring goal to recruit those with Autism with a goal of having 1 percent of its 65,000 workforce by 2020.

They recognize that each person has a unique skill set that cannot be ignored. Often, people on the autism spectrum are highly task oriented, hold themselves at standards of perfection, and are very analytical. These skills are great for tech companies like SAP! Unfortunately, many companies cannot look past their lack of people skills that surface in interviews.

JPG was hired to document key VIPs and presentations by disability and Autism-worker advocates including Del. Gov. Jack Markell. People from the community also attended to show their enthusiasm towards the expanding of job opportunities for the Autistic worker community.

As photojournalists we understand what is necessary to document special corporate events, and showcase incredible teamwork that is fueling this multi-year goal.

With more awareness and research about autism, more people are recognizing their personalities as strengths instead of weaknesses. We are proud to see an international business like SAP take action.

Read about behavior strategies for children on the autism spectrum or how to help teens with ASD thrive. The more informed everyone is about supporting those on the Spectrum, the more we can effortlessly support them as children and adults.

Thank you for having us.


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