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SAP’s 40th Anniversary Celebration by

When you’re hiring a photographer for your corporate events, it’s important to remember that candid shots can truly capture moments of happiness and hilarity. Life doesn’t pause for moments of stiffness and forced portraits, so why should you settle for anything less than the art of photojournalism? We will happily document your events, catching those times when you scarfed down cotton candy and rode the gigantic ferris wheel. Because a company can be more than a place of work – it can be a place to make friends and memories. And that’s why JPG loves to shoot these types of events; to show that hard work deserves some partying!

At a time in economic recovery, with companies cutting back on perks, it’s great to see hard-working employees being rewarded for their efforts and productivity. SAP is a multinational software corporation that makes enterprise software to manage business operations and customer relations. Starting in 1972, they headquartered their business in Germany, and opened a branch in the Philadelphia area. To celebrate SAP’s 40th anniversary at this branch, they planned a huge picnic and carnival-type party for all of their employees to enjoy. SAP has some brilliant staff with beautiful families, and they were all invited to this awesome shindig.

We had a good feeling that we were in for a treat! When we got there, we noticed that the entrance was a “time tunnel,” which had pictures and descriptions of the growth of the company and how far they’ve gone. It was decorated by blue and white balloon arches, preparing people for the fun both indoors and outdoors. The guests were greeted by people dressed in 70’s style gear, since the company was started around that time. Indoors, there were kids playing a whole bunch of games as the DJ played the role of commentator. They also had a few video game stations set up, which had the kids entertained for quite a while!

Meanwhile, the party outdoors was really taking off with all of the food and drinks! Food trucks were lined up with all sorts of options (even healthy ones)! The carnival-style foods were a huge success, as was the Victory Beer truck and Alex’s Lemonade Stand. And, the best part? Most of it was free!

I was also really digging that they had a giant slide and ferris wheel for the kids to enjoy. It’s admirable to see a company really gear their events for the whole family to enjoy. Towards the end of the night, they had an Elton John cover band playing on a giant stage with awesome lighting. The bleachers and grass were packed with people cheering and relaxing after a long day of letting loose. Finally, the night ended with an amazing fireworks display, which Matt told me was the “best he’s ever seen.”

Congratulations to SAP for 40 years of successful business! And may you continue to give JPG a call for all of your party photography needs!

Tracie, Matt, and Joe G.

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