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SJ Magazine PUBLISHES JPG’s UrbanPromise Photos!

Here at JPG Photography, we often push our non-profit and commercial arm of the studio, Recently we documented UrbanPromise’s 25th Anniversary Fundraiser and celebration. UP is an international non-profit headquartered in Camden which focuses on helping the underprivileged youth. And this year, Diane Sawyer was honored as their special guest speaker. Sawyer became associated with UrbanPromise when she did a 20/20 special on poverty in the US, focusing one part of her special on UrbanPromise’s efforts. SJ Magazine wrote a Cover Story article on it using our photos! We are always thrilled to have our photos highlighted, especially when they show off such great charitable events. Feel free to check out the Cover Story here!

Joe G.

P.S. Our photo also ended up on Diane’s Facebook, which you can see here!

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