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Teach For America Hosts Speaker, Dan Pallotta

For anyone in the non-profit and charity sector, it’s time to change how your time, energy, expertise and passion is valued. If you haven’t seen Dan Pallotta’s TED talk, I suggest going there now.

In March, Mr. Pallotta delivered a TED talk where he explained social and entrepreneurial innovation in the non-profit sector. Last month, Teach for America brought Pallotta to Philadelphia where he delivered an expanded talk on these ideas which called upon non-profit and for-profit leaders to reinvent to the way charities use money. His lecture was also insightful and encouraging to those who work in the non-profit industry because it showed that people can not only love their jobs, but not be dirt poor doing them.

Last April, we documented the Teach for America 10th Anniversary Gala, and we were honored to be called upon us again by this important institution. The event took place in the gorgeous Kurtz Center for the Performing Arts, located in the historical William Penn Charter School. It was a beautiful setting for the talk, and was conveniently close to JPG photography! With all of the traveling I do, it was nice to only have to drive two minutes from home.

We are always thrilled to work non-profit events because we are passionate about philanthropy and serving those locally and globally doing good. We support charities and organizations like Teach for America and believe that their work is essential for the future. We were also able to learn from Mr. Pallotta, and I’ll be using several of his ideas in better managing what I value and how to look at “overhead” differently.

Thank you TFA for having us again!


Joe G


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