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The Importance of Acceptance – PHL Diversity Speakers

One of the principles that JPG Photography follows is the theme of love and acceptance. We fully believe in a universal understanding that all people are created both equal and unique, and we strive to show this through all of the events we photograph. We were excited to return to PHL Diversity, to document their Distinguished Speaker Series and help spread the message of building diverse communities.

For the past few years, JPG has been supporting this awesome organization by detailing events and speakers that travelled from across the country. PHL Diversity raised Philadelphia’s profile as an ethnically diverse convention and visitor destination, and continue to encourage social responsibility in the hospitality industry. Their goal is to ensure enjoyment, safety, and equal opportunity for all visitors. More importantly, they want us to embrace diversity as a tool for building relationships and strategic competitive advantages.

One of our favorite memories of PHL Diversity was when Tyronne Stoudemire, the Vice President of Global Diversity and Inclusion for Hyatt Hotels Corporation, took to the stage and shared his own diversity experiences. He talked about what it meant to be in responsible for promoting diversity, and how that through his position he has observed growth of acceptance and inclusion in corporations over the past 15 years. People honestly believed that there weren’t many benefits to opening those doors, but with the strong push in recent years for continued embrace of different cultures, more and more associations are improving their outreach efforts in order to meet peoples’ needs. Plus, he had the audience cracking up with hysterical stories!

This year’s speaker, Apoorva Gandhi, shared his own insights, continuing the trend of successful and informative speakers in the series. He was interviewed by Tiffany Tavarez, PECO Corporate Relation, about the responsibilities of the hospitality industry. Highlights of the conversation were the need to be inclusive of all religions and customs, in order to accommodate a diverse range of tourists. The JPG team enjoyed this event, at the beautiful Courtyard Philadelphia, and we’re looking forward to capturing more of these impactful moments in the years to come. Let’s continue to bring the attention of multiculturalism into the spotlight!

Best, Joe G.

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