Our Pricing/Rates

We believe every couple has different wants, so we don’t package you or your day. Let’s customize it around you.

How we work

Every shoot, from weddings and special events to charity and corporate work, receives our time, creativity and attention. We always work in pairs, so your event is documented from multiple perspectives with a breadth and depth to capture more than what’s only surface deep.

For our wedding couples, JPG Photography photojournalists take thousands of images throughout the event. We then find the best moments of the day where you, your friends and families are their true selves. “It’s YOUR Story!”  This is our motto because we believe these visual memories represent the real character and personality of our couples.

All of our wedding packages include a DVD of our high-resolution images with personal use rights because we think it’s ridiculous when other photographers hold your images hostage, unable to be purchased. Every couple then chooses from the best albums, prints, canvas and other products to cherish the day. With JPG Photography, you’re encouraged to pass your story to the next generation.

Our Philosophy

We believe in authentic moments, not the generic ones. Working with JPG Photography means you’re never a one-night stand. JPG wants to build a trust and rapport to ensure not only a great business relationship, but a personal one, too.


At JPG, we believe in giving back to the community. For every hour of photography we’re hired for, we donate 15 minutes of shooting, editing,  processing, counseling or other services to non-profits and charities in need at cost, or for free. We work with charities of all shapes and sizes because we know good will doesn’t always get the big bucks. You can feel great, knowing your dollars are reaching those in need.

Our Pricing

Starting Prices:


Peak dates:
with an associate
Peak dates:
with Joe G
Non-peak dates with Studio Contact us with event details

Engagements and Portraits



$850; 3 hours & 4×6 prints

Special Half Day Events

Contact us with event details

Corporate or Commercial

$400; Contact us with details

Documentary and Non-Profits

$300; Contact us with details

For a complete list of our pricing, including, travel fees, frames and prints, albums, canvas options, and more…please get in touch with us for our most current pricing.

JPG Photography Pricing Booklet

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