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With Art Philadelphia Promotes the Art Seen in the City

With Art Philadelphia has released a video that gives a glimpse of the art seen in Philly, and showcases the diversity of the various institutions that hold artifacts of generations of art making.  Music, fine art, and even horticulture come together to enrich the lives of Philadelphians and visitors from all corners of the globe.

Because we live here, the vibrancy that surrounds us is easily overlooked. We become caught up in the busyness of our own lives. The video subtly reminds us that the beauty that exists in Philadelphia abounds, beauty that we don’t need to look very hard to find. We see it painted, plastered and imbedded on the very walls that line the sidewalks. We experience the rich history that laid the foundation for our nation in the grandness of our monuments and the humbleness of our cobblestone streets. As a Philadelphian myself, I am constantly comforted by the murals that accompany me on my walk from work to home; they tell our story.

If nothing else, this video prompts me to emphasize the tremendous opportunities we have in Philadelphia  to culturally educate ourselves. In the Penn Museum, we step back into the world of the ancients with pharaohs and emperors of Egypt and Rome or study impressionism and European art through the Barnes Foundation. There is so much to experience right here in our city.

Good job, With Art Philadelphia, for creating such a beautiful representation of the vibrant cultural institutions in the city.



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