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Congratulations Philly, You’re Hosting the 2016 Democratic National Convention!

My birthday and Christmas came early this year- Philadelphia just won the bid to host the Democratic National Convention! Some of you know that I am an active member of the Democratic party; writing The blog, photographing now Pennsylvania Governor Tom Wolf and, in 2012, spending the week in Charlotte assisting with political and faith outreach .

I fully expect the City of Brotherly Love to show the Democratic National Convention amazing hospitality in the process of nominating the first woman to be the 45th president of the United States. We invite you to our Manayunk studio to those wishing to throw Democratic fundraisers and events and if want to tour the best neighborhood in Philly.

The DNC’s presence in Philly, to take place in July 2016, was a massive effort coordinated by many different agencies and people. Special thanks should be given to DNC Chair Debbie Wasserman Shultz, Governor Tom Wolf, Former Governor Ed Rendell, Congressman Bob Brady, the PHL Convention and Visitor’s Bureau Board, Visit Philadelphia and the convention’s future host, The Wells Fargo Center. JPG is ready to document fundraisers and parties with our large and talented photography and videography team. We look forward to your arrival in our incredible city.


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