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How I Met My Other (Half): Marissa & Matt’s Adventure

At JPG, we’re about more than just weddings: we’re about people and stories. We love being able to share the joy beyond a single day. Each year, we hold a special contest for the couple with the best “How I Met My Other (Half)” story. Then we take the winning couple on a fully photo-documented prize adventure!

We took our 2012 winners, Marissa and Matt, to Spring Mountain Adventures in Spring Mount, PA for a private zip line excursion. Marissa and Matt are very athletic and totally fearless, so we knew they wouldn’t have any trouble. I, on the other hand, am not so athletic. I could barely keep up with them!

My Salvadoran pseudo-son Mario came along to carry our equipment, and the two of us watched in awe as Marissa and Matt scaled a giant rope wall. Marissa climbed along the top and Matt took the bottom, and even with a more challenging run, Matt still almost beat her to the finish!

We couldn’t believe how high some of the zip lines took us. With blue skies and lush greenery as far as the eye could see, we had a blast.

Stay tuned for upcoming information on how to submit to this year’s How I Met My Other (Half) contest and for the fantastic prize to be revealed. All of us at JPG can’t wait to read your romantic stories this year.

And to Marissa and Matt, may you always let your love take you to new heights!

Joe G.


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