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The NPPA Reminds Us Why Photojournalists Matter

I was thrilled to see that a national organization I belong to, The National Press Photographers Association (NPPA), produced an important video this week about the necessity of professional photojournalists in order to understand our complex world. A proud member throughout my photojournalism career, I was excited to see this video feature the work of John Tlumaki, the man at the finish line of the Boston Marathon Bombing. Reflecting upon the event, Tlumaki observed that it was neither citizen journalists nor people with cell phones running towards the chaos to take pictures, but a seasoned photojournalist who ventured into the danger to capture the raw story that followed the carnage.

When newspapers and consumers settle for average photography, the real story is often missed. I am a real photographer. I have lived and breathed it for years and I am proud to have a team comprised of real photojournalists who don’t settle for a cell phone selfie. Thank You, NPPA and to our friends, family and clients. The price of a professional photographer may seem high, but it’s never too high compared to the cost of a missed moment.


Joe G.


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