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TIA Atlantic Coast Championships 2014

5/15 UPDATE:

Dear Coaches, Team Leaders, Family and Friends:

This e-mail contains one final image update as well as 3 DISCOUNT OFFERS:

Again, our apologies with the delay in viewing and ordering of images. It’s my pleasure to report that all action photos are now categorized and released. 30,000 action photos have been processed and uploaded over the four days of competition. Final categorization issues were fixed this morning, and all photos should now be viewable in the proper location. Should you find a problem, please e-mail us to fix it. In addition, we’re on track to release all Group, (formal and fun) and individual photos by Monday evening, a full week early.

To say thank you for your patience, we are expanding our discounts.


(Action Photos):All Action Photo prints 4×6, 5×7 or 8×10, will remain at $15, until the event expires this summer.


(Free Shipping):We have been made aware of concerns with orders needing more than one shipping charge from multiple events. We apologize for this inconvenience. To fix it, ALL ORDERS PLACED THROUGH JPG will receive free shipping. This means they are NOT to be placed online, but rather, e-mail us. There is no minimum order. All orders placed through JPG will receive the free shipping.

To place an order with JPG with free shipping:
A. E-mail with your name, e-mail, phone number and shipping address.
B. Indicate which event(s) you’re ordering from.
C. Let us know each image number and size you’re requesting.

“Dear JPG Photography,

I’m ordering from events: Action Photos on 5/1, 5/4 and from Team N-Z. My child is part of the (INSERT TEAM NAME HERE.)

From 5/1, I’d like Photo # 2033 in an 8×10.
From 5/4, I’d like Photo #1010 as two 5x7s
From Team N-Z, I’d like #4033 as 1 8×10.

We will confirm the price and tax with you, and have you place your order over the phone with a credit card. There will be no shipping or processing charges.


$10 FOR ALL PHOTOS:To recognize the amazing teamwork we witnessed at TIA, we’d like to offer a special Teamwork discount. We want everyone to enjoy, celebrate and share these moments from TIA. We will deliver every high-resolution image we have from TIA of your team for $10 per competitor. This includes every photo we have for your team. Every Action, Every Group, Every Individual Photo. All of them! It’s only $10 per competitor.

For example:
A. If your team has 20 competitors, the total cost is $200. We will place every action, group and individual in an online folder that you may download and share. The photos are high-resolution, so you may print, e-mail and share as much as you’d like. We’re offering free lifetime personal use rights with these images. So, for just $10 per student, all the images are yours, and you may share them with all the parents. For most teams, this is hundreds of images. It’s less than $1 per download!


Q1. What is the price?
A. The price is $10 per student. There is a minimum fee of $100 per team. If your team has 8 competitors, it’s $100. If you have 12 competitors, it’s $120. If you have 40 competitors, it’s $400, etc.

Q2. What do we get?
A. JPG will place every action photo from all four days of competition relative to your team online. We will also provide all of the group images and individual photos. You will receive high-resolution files in JPEG (*.jpg) format ready for printing. We will also send a release form with you stating you or any family member may make prints, email and share these images with personal use rights.

Q3. What can we do with these photos?
A. You may share the photos with all the families and competitors. Anyone may share them on Facebook and social media. Anyone may take them to Wal-Mart or CVS, etc., and make prints. As many prints as you want. There is no limit.

Q4. How will you determine our cost?
A. We will count the number of competitors in your formal group shot. If you have 12 competitors and two coaches, the bill is $120. We are only charging for the competitors, not the coaches. So, you the Coaches, are FREE!

Q5. Only half of my team wants to do this offer. Can I pay you half for half the photos?
A. This is a full team offer, however, half the parents/guardians could cover the total for the team. For example, if you have 12 competitors, but only half want to pay, the total bill is $120. Once we receive the $120, we will deliver all of the photos online.

Q6. Could I, the coach, or just one or two parents pay the whole bill and give this as a gift?
A. Absolutely. We just need the total amount for the team paid. Anyone can do it.

Q7. Will TIA receive any of these funds?
A. Yes. Part of the proceeds from the photography purchases will be donated to TIA from JPG Photography.

Q8. Why is JPG Photography offering this?
A. We want to give every competitor these special moments. This seems like a fair way to share the images that won’t break the bank.

Thank you for your time, and congratulations to all the participants!

Joseph Gidjunis

Dear Coaches, Leaders, Family and Friends:

Thank you for your patience and understanding after our delays in releasing the TIA 2014 Championship Action Photos. JPG Photography is happy to announce that ALL ACTION photos are now available! We have edited and uploaded more than 26,000 moments for you to choose. Again, our apologies, that this took longer than in past years. I assure you we have been literally working around the clock the past few days to share these important moments.  (We are still working on categorizing all the photos taken at the High School but they are up for viewing.)

Due to the delay, JPG HAS EXTENDED THE $15 8×10 ACTION PHOTO SPECIAL until Monday, May 12, 11:59 p.m. We have added 4×6 and 5×7 print options at the same price after receiving your feedback.

As noted in our photography brochure (attached) all group and individual photos will be ready to view by May 23rd — (we hope sooner.) These will be sorted alphabetically by team name. Please sign up now at the appropriate link to receive immediate e-mail notification when the event is live.



Please follow blog post for updates, too:

Again, please accept our apologies. When you purchase with us, part of the proceeds is being donated back to TIA to support the many volunteers and thousands of hours of work needed to make this event a reality. Thank you again.

OUR APOLOGIES: JPG Photography would like to apologize for the delay in displaying images from the TIA 2014 Championships this weekend in Wildwood, NJ. Due to computer server issues not in our control, these amazing moments are unable to be displayed. We are working around the clock to get these images to you, but the problems are with servers operated by our host, Pictage ( and 877.742.8243), not JPG. We’ve been told the problem is impacting many businesses, not just ours.

We have received dozens of complaints. We understand your frustration, and we take this problem seriously. Nobody is more upset than us. We are proud of our quality and when we say we’ll do something, we honor it. I apologize for letting you down. We expect all photos to be live within the coming days, and to thank you for your patience, JPG HAS EXTENDED THE $15 ACTION PHOTO SPECIAL until Sunday, May 12, 11:59 p.m. Again, please accept our apologies. We hope you’ll make your purchase with us for TIA because part of the proceeds will be donated to TIA, to support the many volunteers and thousands of hours of work needed to make this event a reality.

As soon as images go live, and the bugs are fixed, every team/unit leader will be notified via e-mail. Please continue to check the sites, but I wouldn’t expect anything available until tomorrow or Thursday.

Thank you.

Joseph Gidjunis
President of JPG Photography

There is something special about seeing music, footwork and flag-waving synchronization on a large scale. This motion and movement is choreographed like poetry inside the Wildwood Convention Center, May 1-4, 2014. It’s the culmination of hours of hard work and dedication. And May 1-4, JPG Photography is the proud official photographer of the Tournament Indoor Association’s Atlantic Coast Championships.” Atlantic Coast Championships. With 250-plus units, more than 6,000 students will compete to earn the honors that come with this prestigious pageantry competition. While our studio specializes in events, I have to admit TIA took our planning and staff to a new level. We have more than a dozen different team members and friends working to capture full unit, individual and action photos of this intense endeavor. Good luck to all the competitors and units!

Below you will find maps of our locations for the shoot. For families and parents/guardians, below is a page-by-page PDF of our ordering booklet. Take note of the 20% discounts available through May. 5. Should you have any questions, or if we can be of assistance, please contact us:  or  215-801-7911

Thank you, and good luck to all the teams!

Sincerely, Stacey




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Should you have any questions, or if we can be of assistance, please contact us:  or  215-801-7911

Thank you, and good luck to all the teams!


Joe G



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