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Gov.-elect Tom Wolf’s Political Photography

Pennsylvanians made an amazing choice at the ballot box on Nov. 4, electing Tom Wolf to be our next governor, and JPG Photography couldn’t be more thrilled to have been part of his campaign.

As most of you know, I’m a hard-core Democrat at heart. I attended George Washington University and minored in political science to serve people who share my same passion for the political process. So when I was offered the chance to document Tom Wolf, I jumped on it. It’s one thing to use my photojournalism talent to support a candidate for office; it’s a whole other thing to support the candidate whom you yourself would vote for. Not only is Wolf an amazing politician, but he is also a person of great character.

My journey with Gov.-elect Wolf began over a year ago, when I had the honor of spending time with him, his wife and two daughters at their home in Philadelphia. We shot portraits for them and were happy to document more of Wolf’s work as he campaigned with PA. Rep. Dwight Evans.

Then in early October I travelled to the Constitution Center in Philadelphia for Wolf’s endorsement with esteemed guest Hillary Clinton. People came from all over the region to encourage Wolf and show their appreciation for his candidacy. I was honored to be part of the celebration as a photojournalist, capturing candid moments throughout the event and setting up several pivotal portraits.

Most recently, I photographed Gov.-elect Wolf endorsing other PA Democratic Candidates outside brownstones in Harrisburg. I loved watching them interact and support one another in their work on the historic streets of PA’s capital.

This summer, I also had the opportunity to work with Democratic candidates such as Aimee Belgard who ran for the NJ-3 Congressional seat. I loved her positive attitude and hope to see more of her in politics in the future. She is another genuine candidate I wished more people got to know, as she unfortunately lost her race. One of our photos was featured in a terrific profile of Aimee on MSNBC in a piece titled, ‘30 in 30’ Women Candidates to Watch for 2014.

Being able to serve Wolf and other Democratic candidates is an honor, and I am proud to say I aided in showcasing the governor’s excellent campaign. Congratulations, Gov.-elect Wolf, and I hope this is part of a career of future political campaign work. Who knows, maybe you’ll see me on a ballot someday!


Joe G.

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