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World Meeting of Families features JPG team!

The arrival of the Pope lead to an unexpected week of  WMOF craziness, complete with a news interview on CBS3. We’ve shared the special moment that I captured, but what I’m proud to share today are how many of the team’s photos are being featured. Both Dave C and Gustavo were integral to documenting the many Papal events around the city. They captured many of the events that I was not able to cover, and did an awesome job.

This week, our photos are found all throughout the World Meeting of Families Website for the world to see, and we couldn’t be happier to share them. Take a look through the incredible week that brought so many people together in our wonderful city. See if you can spot all three of our names– Joseph Gidjunis, Gustavo Garcia, and Dave Christenson. We are all extremely proud to have contributed to this momentous event, and I couldn’t have done it without the support and commitment of a strong team.

Best, Joe G.

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