Hi, I'm Brianna S.

"If you don't like something, change it. If you can't change it, change your attitude." - Maya Angelou

Title Photographer

A.K.A. Fest Mom

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My love affair with photography started by accident. It’s a funny story about a dusty shelf and a wise professor, but I won’t bore you here. I cut my teeth in photojournalism in college at Temple University, where I had some truly incredible opportunities to document love, loss, art, music, and education. With the help of some dedicated friends, we revived the photography club from the ashes of the deep dark photo lab — and they were so kind as to crown me queen! Being the President of Aperture Agency not only allowed me the space and discipline to explore my creative identity, but also inspired my passion for teaching. The power to tell your own story is one which brings incredible joy. It’s truly an honor to stand behind the camera, or beside a student, and bring a vision to life.

I could wax poetically for ages, but you probably came here to learn a little bit about me: I was born and raised in Philadelphia and you can’t change my mind that roast pork sandwiches are the true king of this town. I’m a recent convert to mirrorless cameras and I’m never looking back. I practice ethical storytelling in all aspects of my work, be it documentary, lifestyle, branding or commercial. Music makes my world go ‘round and I have a lifelong fascination with the power of art to connect people. I’m on a mission to visit every National Park in the USA and a huge fan of train travel. I’m kind and curious, creative and compassionate. I carry an intense respect for all of beings that populate this crazy, beautiful world we live in and I would love to see it all one day.


Fast Facts:

– Expert tree hugger, novice rock climber.

– My favorite hobbies include absolutely winging it in the kitchen and singing loudly in the car.

– Yes, I was once a music journalist. No, I do not want to review your mixtape.

– When I’m not making photos or teaching, you can find me dancing. In the grocery store, at a concert, next to you on your wedding day… anywhere, really.