Hi, I'm Cindi L.

Heck Yeah!

Title Special Projects Manager, Photographer

A.K.A. Ma'am

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I’ve always been the “artsy-fartsy” kid. Growing up I spent my summers with my grandparents, who lived in the middle of nowhere. Since I despised playing outside by myself (I’m an only child) my grandma kept me busy with arts and crafts. I was hooked. Ever since I’ve been drawing, painting, or making something. I’m constantly searching for the next project where I can design, get messy, pour some hard work into, and come out of the process with a finished product I can be proud of.

I started working on my photography degree at Drexel University in the spring of 2014. I immediately fell in love with film photography. I loved putting a roll of 35 mm film into a camera. I loved going into the dark room to open the canister (often times taking off a piece of my knuckle with the can opener in the darkness). I loved taking the processed film out of the dryers and seeing my images, right there in front of me, for the first time. It was magic. The feeling I got after I processed my first roll of film, and eventually my first darkroom print, was like a coming home.

I started off as an intern at JPG working 20 hours a week, thinking I would slowly but surely work hard at whatever task I was assigned to in order to prove my abilities. What actually happened is that within a few weeks, I began working full time, editing photos from numerous shoots per week, and going on shoots became a normal thing. Working here has given me the opportunity to work with clients and coworkers from all walks of life, and I consider myself a richer person for it.


Fast Facts

– Being an only child, I asked for a baby brother or sister for Christmas until 6th grade.

– I have traveled to eight different countries, including Australia and the Czech Republic.

– My best friend as a costume designer is a black apron with pockets.

– I always know which coffee cup is mine because it’s usually the only one with lipstick on it.

– My ideal Friday night is cuddling and watching odd documentaries on Netflix.

– I’ve been called “ma’am” multiple times when on shoots.