Hi, I'm the traveling, basketball playing fashion-forward photographer Dave C.

"Once got lost photographing in the Alps and was rescued by group of Austrian firemen finishing off a 36 pack of beer while on duty. Before asking if I was okay, they handed me a brew."
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Title Senior Associate

A.K.A. The Artist Formerly Known as GQ

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I come from a family of seven kids and competition to distinguish oneself drove each of us to be successful in our passions. So for me, sports were everything. I used to wake up, go to practice, eat, sleep and repeat. Unfortunately, I had several freak concussions within a short period of time my senior year preventing me from completing four strong years. After that final concussion, I actually have some blank spots from that summer of activities.

Without sports, I found photography as a way to freeze time and save memories. My brother gave me a camera in 2006 as a gift, and I became fascinated by photojournalists from National Geographic and The New York Times. They used their cameras to portray emotion, where words fell short. My favorite quote is from D-Day photographer Robert Capa, “If your pictures aren’t good enough, you aren’t close enough.”

Over the years, I developed a photographic style that is fusion of modern Portraiture, Landscape, and Photojournalism. I take advantage of every opportunity to use photography to document my travels. One of the decisions I made early in my career was to not be anchored to one location and to visit as many places in pursuit of a great moment. This has led me to 20 countries and experience culture through photography.

I became part of JPG Photography first as an intern. I liked being back stage and learn all kinds of things about the photography studio in the 21st century. This experience particularly was helpful, since what I learned here eventually led me to become the shooter I am today.

One of things I like to do when I shoot weddings is to try and wear an outfit that matches the personality of my couple. I have a closet complete with every shirt color in the rainbow. I like to get to know the people I work with and be a little bit more than just their photographer for the day. I hope I can be there for you.




–Fun Facts–

-Photographed in 20 countries on 4 continents

-Most fascinating place I’ve shot: Rwanda

-Pure Leaf Iced Tea is my go to drink on shoots

-I cook a mean steak

-Obsessed with trying new restaurants

-Each morning I read at least one blog/article covering new trends in sports, fashion, food, business, and technology

-I love finding a good pair of unique shoes

-I own 20 pairs of shoes

-My two favorite holidays are Christmas and the Fourth of July