Molto bene, I'm Gustavo G.

I studied abroad in Italy where wine is cheaper than water.

Title Senior Photographer, Senior Videographer

A.K.A. G-Money

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For me, photography is not only a way of documenting the past, it’s a way to document the present and predict the future. I take pride in creating images that have the potential of being able to convey such meaningful significance. I always keep a camera with me everywhere I go, because with every step there is something that wants to be remembered, acknowledged, and discovered.

Photography has always interested me. But it wasn’t until I was studying abroad in Italy that the interest took off. I lived in Rome for about eight months, where I used my time off to visit cathedrals, the piazzas, the markets, the streets, and the cities to use them as my subjects. I honed my skills to the point that I started receiving good response from the stream of photographs I was producing. As soon as I returned to the States I received an offer I could not refuse. Because I was taking images that resonated with people, an organization approached me and asked if I was interested in teaching a photography course during the summer to adults who were learning English as their second language, and of course, I said “yes”.

It was difficult because I was attempting to teach the students about the basics of photography and English at the same time. After a few struggling sessions on my part I got the hang of it and the class began to acquire a flow of its own. The students enjoyed learning something new to them, and that energy transferred to their imagery.

This is just one example of the power of photography bringing people together. Every photograph is a product of the culture we live in. It says something of who we are and how we want to be perceived. They will be the artifacts that future generations will look at and feel a connection with people and events of the past. With this in mind, and all the energy in the world, I like to capture that fleeting moment and share it with my colleagues, the people around me, and the world.