Hi, I'm J.C..

"I've come to believe that happy endings and wish fulfillment are an incredibly important part of our cultural life." - Alfred Hitchcock

Title Filmmaker || Editor


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The first time I picked up a camcorder, I was 7 years old. I made a short film called “Psycho” about a serial killer who attacked kids while they ate cereal — it was genius. (Fast forward 15 years, and I’m still in prison…Just Kidding!) I was crushed when my brother told me there was already a Hitchcock movie titled “Pyscho.” I was curious — who does this Hitchcock guy think he is? As I ran through his filmography, my disdain for Hitchcock quickly turned into an admiration. It was Hitchcock who introduced me into the world of filmmaking.

Philadelphia is full of great artists. Everyday, I am thankful to work for the JPG team in this wonderful city. I attended St. Joseph’s Prep for high school – the best school in the city. My teachers and coaches supported and encouraged my love for video – allowing me to shoot sporting events and other school events. The rest is history.

Since then I’ve dedicated my life to videography, studying Film – Video at Penn State University and now working for JPG Photo and Video as an editor and videographer. Today, I enjoy shooting sport events, music videos, and city landscapes.



– I’ve traveled the Arctic Sea via cargo ship for 10 days

– Everything Sony

– Growing up I had two wild Dalmatians, Seabiscuit and Jasmine

– Now a Doberman dog enthusiast

– I am a yyyuge Bob Dylan Fan

– Blade Runner is a top 5 movie – all time– arguably top 3

– The Philadelphia Eagles will win a Super Bowl in my lifetime.

– My boss told me if I finish this bio, he will fly me out to Las Vegas (but he didn’t say how soon.)