Hi, I'm Justin M.

Never half-ass two things. Whole-ass one thing.

Title Senior Editor, Senior Photographer

A.K.A. Doggo Lover

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Since a young age, I’ve always loved all forms of science fiction, and I have always found myself drawn to digital technology. I received my first Nikon film camera when I was 13, and I continue to use Nikons, like that N55, today. After high school, I spent a few years working, trying to decide what kind of future I wanted. I found a Nikon D3000 digital camera and started to document people. At 23, I applied to the Antonelli Institute specializing in design and photography, and decided to make the plunge to become a full-time photographer.

During my time at school, I developed a love and appreciation for commercial photography. I’m passionate about being able to turn a simple object into a well-lit, clean image that can be used in print. As I approached my graduation, I began assisting wedding photographers, something I never originally found myself pursuing. Weddings tend to incorporate almost every form of photography with so many different types of clients, and I believe that this has pushed me to become a better, more versatile photographer.


Fun Facts:

– I’m a huge Sci-Fi enthusiast

– I love Ford Mustang’s way too much

– I’m an amateur beer snob

– I’ve known how to use an impact wrench since I was 10

– Most people describe my taste in music as “loud” & “complain-y”

– I’m terrified of Giraffes and revolving doors (not together, but separately…because that would be hilarious)

– My pre-photoshoot ritual includes cleaning equipment and watching the Twilight Zone

– I’m a firm believer in the “Irish goodbye”

– “Clear alcohols are for rich women on diets.”  –Ronald Ulysses Swanson