Hi, I’m Laura H..

Look! A cat!

Title Senior Videographer

A.K.A. Plant Mom

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Being on the production end of things was always exciting for me, which stemmed from my experience working backstage in stage crew.  I really enjoyed the feeling of playing an important role without being in the spotlight. In high school, I had the opportunity to experiment with shooting and processing my own film. Spending time in the darkroom, with the smell of developer and fixer chemicals, made me feel right at home. Starting off my interest in photography in such a hands on way really jump started my obsession.

Entering stage left comes me, fumbling around with shooting video on my parent’s dusty old camcorder. Once I started to slowly learn the ways of the digital darkroom, I was hopelessly hooked.  So naturally, I headed to Philadelphia to get my degree at Antonelli Institute of Art and Photography. There, my main focus was in photography, and my love for shooting and editing video had unfortunately fallen by the wayside. What I didn’t know at the time, was that my love for cinematography would revive itself when I found my place here at JPG Photo & Video.  JPG gave me a chance to revisit my hobby of editing, and transform it into my career. In the past four years I’ve spent here, I’ve done things I never thought I’d be doing. Like strapping a GoPro to a backhoe on a construction site, or traveling to West Virginia and filming on a cow farm, or filming a mannequin challenge with entire wedding party. It’s been a wild journey to say the least.

For the past four years I’ve been creating films for people I care about. I pride myself in finding beauty in the little things, capturing wonderful moments as they happen, and letting your story unfold as it was intended: genuine and true. I believe that everyday we should find peace in every speck of light, beauty in every blade of grass, joy in every living creature, and appreciation for every moment.  I’m a great story teller, and I want to tell yours.

Quick Facts:

-Kayaking is the bomb.

-Nature should be deeply appreciated.

– I love a good rainstorm.

-Let’s grab a beer and talk about Quentin Tarantino films.

-I literally can’t go into Home Depot without buying another plant for my apartment.

-Exploring abandoned buildings.

-I have a cat who can play fetch better than your dog.

-One of my co-workers is a flying shark.

-Gaff tape is love, gaff tape is life.