Hi, I'm Naomi S.

A good photographer must love life more than he does photography. - Joel Strasser

Title Editor, Senior Videographer

A.K.A. Potato

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My major in college at Tyler School of Art was studio art, as I like to do a variety of things, from drawing and painting to design to photo and video. I think all art forms are very much interconnected, and I enjoy being able to do a little bit of everything, apply lessons from different areas, and observe the world through different perspectives. That being said, I have always been interested in photo ever since I was a teenage girl. I would carry my camera literally everywhere every day, just taking pictures of life happening around me. For graduation, my family gave me a Rebel t4i which was able to shoot video. After that, whenever I went out shooting, I found myself shooting video rather than photo. 

For me, photo and video are ways to find beauty in the life we so often take for granted. While drawing and painting requires imagination to create something on a blank canvas, photography is about capturing the many moments that are already available, all it takes is to see it. But in our busy lives how often do we miss those moments? How often do we take the time to see? How often do we take an extra step to see clearer and better? And how often do we take the courage to try to see it in a completely different way? Photography is a constant reminder for me to love life.


Fun Facts

– I LOVE potatoes. They’re always stocked up in my kitchen. I can eat them every day.

– I was born in Kentucky, grew up in Hong Kong, and now live in Philly!

– I collect glass bottles, you will see once you step into my house. I am not alcoholic though, I’d just go around asking for bottles or pick up pretty empty bottles on the street is all.