Hi, I'm Nicole S.

"At the right time, in the right light, everything is extraordinary."

Title Photographer


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So I might be a mom with a camera. The camera came first by a long shot, but honestly, the refinement of my craft happened only after my family took shape. Family is at the center of my heart, it has been my inspiration for nearly 5 years, and it’s from that place that I bring my work into the world. Family weaves together so much of who we are. It is where legacy begins and ends. I am fueled by mine, and want to celebrate yours. My goal is to help you show the world what you cherish and who you are through timeless imagery. I understand how important it is to remember the details of our lives as the years pass. So whether it is planting seeds with a wedding, welcoming a new family member in birth, or marking the milestone of a 50th anniversary, I promise to see you and your loved ones through an empathetic lens.

My photography journey began in college, where I studied Photojournalism at Temple University. After graduating, I decided to explore the world for a few years. I lived and worked as an ESL teacher in Costa Rica, San Francisco, and Santa Cruz. Although those years were formative and amazing, I feel truly blessed that my path lead me back to this initial place which brings me so much joy: the camera.

After reconnecting with my high school sweetheart on the West Coast in 2014, we began a journey together of coast-to-coast beach town living, entrepreneurship exploration, and most importantly, parenthood. Our two little super stars keep us endlessly on alert and in awe. We live in beautiful Bucks County, PA, where we both grew up. I currently focus mostly on wedding photography and family sessions. I hope to help you capture the memories you will treasure most through the years!