Hi, I'm Pat B.

Fake it 'till you make it!

Title Editor, Photographer

A.K.A. Patty Cakes

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I was always interested in anything artistic as a kid. Really, I was in love with creativity and making something from nothing. Photography was one outlet for me to explore that creativity I searched for growing up. I walked around like a cool kid with my Fujifilm Coolpix camera, just roaming and shooting what I saw and shooting for my high school’s magazine.

After high school, I attended Montgomery County Community College with a liberal studies concentration and upgraded my little Coolpix to a Sony Alpha A100. There, my love of all things hands-on and creative flourished, and I developed a deep passion for environmental portraits and art history. I loved working on art books and collages, often earning battle scars with my run-ins with exacto knives. My time at MontCo really inspired me to pursue photography and art history, especially women in art, at Kutztown. My professors at Kutztown show something and think about what I was trying to say with my street photography rather than just point and shoot.

Outside of photography, I love just hanging out and having good times with good people. I like to celebrate everyone’s individuality, and as long as you have a good heart, we’re going to get along just fine!

Fun Facts

-I made a four foot mushroom sculpture in college that turned into a “Magic Mushroom” after my professor “spilled” paint on it.

-Do NOT even get me started on what Alfred Stieglitz did to Georgia O’Keeffe’s career!

-I can make almost any kind of light modifier out of some dollar store dishware, zip ties, and tinfoil.

-Robert Frank’s The Americans is one of my favorite photographers and art books.

-Of all the art books I’ve made, That Awkward Moment, Seb Derms, and No Face are my favorites.