Let's document the world. Ricky Y.

I really want to adopt a capybara!

Title Senior Photographer

A.K.A. The Explorer

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I first picked up a camera in middle school, after my Dad gave me one from his collection to practice with. During that time, I went to Paraguay as a volunteer for Habitat for Humanity. I remember taking photos of  buildings because I liked how they looked, but later was asked, “Where are all the people?” I hadn’t thought of people because I was simply shooting what made sense to me then.

I’ve had wanderlust for as long as I can remember. My passion for travel has taken me all over the world, from Latin America to Dubai to the UK to South Korea. I enjoy traveling because I challenge myself in new and unknown situations. I’m pushed to adopt a fresh perspective on the world. If there’s one overarching lesson I’ve gained from all of my travel experience, it’s this: If you see a crowd, turn around and go the other way. I don’t say this because popular sights aren’t worth visiting. Often, they are. I’ve found, however, that if you swim with the crowd, you’re bound to miss details that can provide insight into the essence of a culture, group or moment.

I’ve internalized this lesson and now regularly integrate this approach into my photography and videography work. I value the small moments as much as the big ones and seek to capture both. I draw on a writing and music background and use all of these experiences as inspiration for how I document moments. Like all photographers, I love finding the light, the moment, and the details that sing to my clients, but I’m actively seeking a twist.

Before I moved back to Philly in 2013, I already had my eye on JPG. I felt like they were putting out some of the best work in Philadelphia. I admired how different their work was from other studios. Now that I’m here, I appreciate not only the staff, but also our clients. They are so trusting and open when they work with us, always down for the ride and willing to push the creative envelope.

Each event I shoot is its own journey. I love how mysterious the moment is when you begin and how the answers to the riddle are revealed through the process.

Fast Facts:
– I taught English in South Korea for a year and a half.
– My beautiful wife is from Moldova.
– I play the drums.
– I really want to adopt a capybara.
– I’m a recovering sneaker head.
– When I was a kid, I loved Michael Jackson.
– In 4th grade, I may have choreographed “Smooth Criminal” for the talent show.
– I enjoy reading, but mostly fiction.
– In Seattle, I taught a kids rock band performance class.
– I got a tattoo in Tokyo.