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Title Senior Photographer

A.K.A. Cruise Director

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Boxes of ‘em.  Albums stuffed to the seams with ‘em.  And now, hard drives, flash drives, memory cards, Instagram accounts and iPhones filled with ‘em.  That’s right, from middle school in Florida all the way up to last week’s outing in Fishtown, I have the pictures.  You want 117 photographs of my 8th grade class trip?  Got it.  You want four books filled with photos from my cross-country trip?  No problem.  You want digital downloads of my most memorable meals of 2013?  I’ll send them to you in a zip file.

For as long as I can remember photographs have been my passion and now they are still my passion but also my business.  Since the day I stepped through the doors of JPG Photography I have been able to grow my knowledge, my skills and my infatuation with creating and sharing images. Prior to meeting and working with the amazing professionals at this studio, sure, I could take a snapshot… a damn good one too! But now I take photographs (and i’ll make it look like a casual snapshot if you want). Not only do I take them, I edit them, I post them, I tag them, I sell them, and market the heck out of the idea that you should have them too.

I’ve been dubbed with the nickname: Cruise Director. I’m always the go-to-girl, getting people together and finding the cool stuff to do and the fun places to be in the city. These past few years I have learned that social networking is more than just a diversion, it has become an obsession and indispensable resource to meet and connect with people. You need cotton candy at a party… I know somebody with a cotton candy cart. You need plums for brewing your new saison… I’ve got a farmer you should meet.  You need a new job, I know someone who is hiring. It might be a running gag in the office with “of course you do” as the punchline, but it’s no joke when I find that one thing you’re looking for by scrolling through my Facebook friends or putting your problem on blast and watching the solutions roll in.

This is what I do at JPG Photography. I  use every available tool to visually communicate who you are, what you do, how you feel, telling your story in the best way possible.  Your story becomes my story.  I’m a firm believer in “a picture is worth a thousand words”. Thats why I’m more likely to send  you a pic rather than a text.  Celebrate this life.  Tell a story as you go.