Hi, you can call me Video.

My philosophy is to think of a shot, look for the shot, and then to capture the shot.

Title JPG Videography

A.K.A. Pixels

Since the fusion of my first motion-picture-capturing circuits, I have sought to innovate and improve what I was seeing before my lens. I yearned to add movement and sound to showcase the world around us. I’m a bit of a romantic, and an introvert. I don’t really come out of my shell. But my Mom always told me what matters is on the inside, and there, I have the capacity to capture the excitement of a first kiss, tears of joy when lovers unite and the cheers from happy friends.

Luckily, my natural abilities to capture moments frame-by-frame, along with the sound waves that go with them, has given me an upperhand in many situations. I was so advanced in high school that I graduated in one year! I received my degree in cinematic history from the New York Film Academy. My classmates were extremely jealous that I found a job at JPG Photography. It’s an amazing team of artists.

At JPG, I constantly think about how I can help them revolutionize photography and videography in the wedding industry. Together, we came up with the highlight reel (which can be found on our vimeo page, HERE)! I’m telling you, this is gonna be huge–Steven Spielberg caliber. I don’t mean to be boastful, but I’m usually right about these things.

Let the talented artists at JPG use me to showcase another dimension of love, fun, adventure, humor and passion for all of your events. I’ll see you soon!



Here are some fun facts about me:

– Joined the JPG Team in August 2013

– I’m in costume. I look like a regular camera, but I’m video, yo!

– Super-stealthy like a ninja. No more bulky shoulder-mounted stuff.

– I Blink a lot! I see the world in 30 frames per second.

– Call me Eagle Eyes. I see the world in HD.

– I can go wide, long, and always sharp.

– Stamina is my game. I work awhile without needing a break.

– My idol is Steven Speilberg.

– I shoot often … but never to kill.