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Seniors: Eliza @ Eastern State Penitentiary

In our exciting new chapter of high school senior photography, we opened with a photo shoot of Eliza, a fabulous young lady.  Eliza is a student at Wissahickon Senior High School who enjoys embracing her individuality and artistic side. So, we decided to take a darker, more mysterious (but incredibly awesome) shoot at the Eastern State Penitentiary.

Eastern State Penitentiary was having a special deal that day in which photographers could pay a flat rate for two hours worth of photography, so were given the opportunity to roam the giant prison. And, even though it was a hot day, Eliza was ready to go.

She brought her best friend with her, who made an appearance in a couple of the photos. And she wore a blue-green dress that blended amazingly with the aged walls. Eliza was so excited to be given this opportunity to hang out with us in the city. She was so personable, and comfortable in her own skin, which made shooting with her such a blast. Her ability to have fun and let loose was remarkable, and we hope that we can have future opportunities of shooting with her!

Corinne and Lynn

Photographers on this Shoot

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