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From Behind the Lens: Laura H.

I can still remember everything about my high school darkroom–the lights, the smells, the calming atmosphere. I used to beg my teachers to let me stay late so I could soak in the amber lights. As the semester went on, I no longer had to beg. Letting me go to the darkroom was like letting me go home. I knew I had found something I wanted to continue doing.

As a kid, I loved taking photos and could always be found with a camera in hand. Then, one Christmas, my hobby turned to passion when my mother was gifted a DSLR camera. However, she rarely used it, because I had it at all times. I would walk around the neighborhood capturing the world around me–even venturing into the mesmerizing forest a time or two. The ever-changing nature of my pure surroundings seemed to be a living metaphor for understanding people. Just like the trees grow from seedlings into forests, people to grow. Through time and change humans sprout by building upon their previous experiences to inform their choices and relationships going into the future. This is what inspires me.

My work, much like my surroundings, has changed over the years. I am still filled with wonder when photographing nature, but my skills now include videography, color correction and retouching since attending Antonelli Institute of Art and Photography. Always looking to try new, or old things, I have amassed a collection of antique cameras over the years and will be embarking on a film project come summer. I love how unpredictable film can be–what you get is always a surprise–just like in life. I can’t wait to see what is revealed to me in this new venture and promise to share what I find.


Laura H.


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