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Laura’s Portfolio Reel

When I went to art school at Antonelli Institute, I majored in Photography. The program was amazing, with excellent instructors and access to state of the art equipment. The only thing I felt was missing was the opportunity to explore video, something I was always interested in. I realize now more than ever that the two are individual and separate mediums, but that one can often lead to the other as an artist grows. This is the path that I’ve followed, and I’m so happy that I did!

When I started working at JPG after graduation, Joe was looking for someone to complete a few small video projects. I eagerly took them on. Over time, I was able to develop, exercise, and hone my skills as a videographer. After 3 years of refinement, I’m proud to call myself the lead videographer at JPG Photography.

This portfolio reel showcases some of my favorite moments and details from the past 3 years. I love capturing the little moments between a bride and groom, or details that can go overlooked such a time-lapse of a beautiful summer storm or a bee settling on flowers. I love the combined sensory experience of sight and sound that video lends itself to, and the powerful emotions it can draw out. Editing is a huge part of what I do here, which equally sparks that flame of excitement. Editing together someone’s wedding day, taking the beautiful words said by friends and family and mixing it all together with the couple’s favorite songs and special moments, feels like I’m playing an important role behind the scenes. When things come together just right, it’s a great feeling. I consider myself truly lucky to dive into video production on a daily basis, and I’m excited to share the best of my work here.

To all of the fabulous couples I’ve had the privilege to capture, I especially invite you to check this video out. You could be in it!

Best, Laura


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