Have camera will travel. Coach works for us, just as long as we get priority seating to make sure our valuable camera and gear boards with us.

Where We’ve Been

India, Morocco, Turkey, England, Scotland, Ireland, Greece, Italy, France, Germany, Switzerland, Belgium, the Netherlands, Spain, Luxembourg, Australia, New Zealand, Mexico, Nicaragua, El Salvador, Costa Rica, Dominican Republic, Aruba, St. Thomas, Dominica, Bahamas, Barbados

Where We Go


Odd Places We’ve Shot In

A Laundromat, some really dirty-beautiful alleys, train tracks to nowhere, Magic Gardens, Toys R Us, Comic-book store, historic penitentiary, underwater, Ben Franklin Bridge, movie theater, Citizen’s Bank Park, ice rink, pizza parlors, bowling alleys, elevators, rodeo, high school, Six Flags, Comcast Tower, skyscrapers and too many taxis to count.

Where We Still Need to Shoot

In a Jail, on a Cruise Ship, on a Gondola, in an ice bar, while bungee jumping, sky diving, rock climbing, on a llama farm, in a demolition derby, and in a box with a fox, etc.

What You Can Expect to Pay

Couple / Client must pay for 3 days / nights of travel including all hotel, food, parking, transportation, and tip costs. JPG does not make money on travel, but
we can’t lose money either.

All inclusive resorts are great for us, as there are no incidentals. Should JPG choose to extend the trip, that will be billed on our credit card, NOT YOURS. No personal expenses beyond what is necessary to shoot your event will be billed.

A rental car may be required based on the event location and logistics; however, if cabs are more convenient and practical, we don’t mind being driven.

Food and water costs per person, per day is $50, or $100 for the team, per day. This is needed even though you may feed us at your event. This is NOT needed at an inclusive resort. Paying for travel insurance, as well as daily internet services is required.

An internaltional cell phone may also be needed depending on the event location.

Many couples or clients like to add a day-after coverage which goes after your event, this is available at $400 which includes up to 2 hours of additional shooting, 50 edited images (including personal rights to those images).

And with suffecient advanced notice, we can also rent special underwater equipment, if that floats your boat (pun intended).

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