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Jennifer & Ryan’s Union Trust Wedding Film

Beautiful couple Jennifer and Ryan wanted to do something a little different for their Union Trust Wedding film. Did you know that JPG Photography and Video offers multiple video packages for your special event? Our most popular option is definitely the 5-6 minute highlight reel, but we know that many couples look for the opportunity to share even MORE of their special day. (And the more the merrier).

For those who want to dig a little deeper into the memories of their big day, we offer extended 10 and 15 minute films. These longer options still contain client-selected songs,┬ástunning transitions, and the artistic touches of our talented editing team, just in a longer format. Jennifer and Ryan’s Union Trust Wedding Film has checks all these boxes and more. The video team were up to the challenge of creating this longer film that tells even more of their story, including so many moments from their day. The happy bridal party trekked around Philly from the Loews Hotel to St. Augustine Church to The Second Bank, and finally to the fabulous Union Trust. The venue is an architectural darling with 65 foot ceilings, ornate details throughout the hall, and a gorgeous balcony that overlooks everything.

Jennifer and Ryan put the beautiful dance floor on the first level to great use. They amazing dancers, and set the tone for an incredibly fun-filled evening. The JPG team had a blast documenting all of it!

If you are considering your options for your wedding video, check out our packages. There’s a good chance we offer the perfect fit for you! Congratulations to Jennifer and Ryan. All of us here at JPG wish you many more dances and years of happiness together!

Best, Laura

View their full Union Trust wedding video here:

Screen Shot 2016-08-03 at 3.29.36 PM

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