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Landry’s Make-A-Wish Tree House Video

The JPG Videography team has done a handful of projects for the amazing Make-A-Wish Foundation, and we always leave each job having had a great time and feeling fulfilled with the good work that they do. We’ve documented some awesome wishes being granted, such as one girl experiencing a day in the life of a fashion designer, and another receiving an adorable new puppy, something she had always wanted. Our latest collaboration with Make-A-Wish touched a little closer to home, as 6-year-old Landry received something I had always dreamed of as a child: a brand new tree house. Landry’s Make-A-Wish Tree House Video showcases one little boy’s inspirational story as well as the company’s noble mission to bring healing and happiness to children everywhere.

When we arrived at Landry’s Downingtown, PA home, we were greeted by a big family full of joy and kindness. One of 8 kids, Landry was the 7th born in his family. As a baby, he was diagnosed with an AVM (arteriovenous malformation), a rare condition which causes bleeding in the brain. He underwent surgery at 9 months old, and although he occasionally endures complications caused by the condition, today he lives most days as a normal, cheerful 6-year-old boy. You wouldn’t know he had any struggles at all if you had just met him as his zest for life is enormous and his happiness endless. As a testament to his sincere character, he wanted something his whole family could enjoy together, so a tree house was a perfect wish.

This perfect wish was fulfilled by the perfect company for the job. Thanks to the incredible talent of Treetop Builders, a professional tree house building company, Landry’s wish is a child’s dream come true. My inner 6-year-old was elated with the end result, which included a wrap-around balcony, a pulley bucket system, and most exciting of all… a zip line that leads from the main house to the tree house! Landry’s excitement is contagious, and you just can’t help but smile when during his interview he says, “It’s really happy to play in my tree house!”

I had the good fortune to relive the positive energy of the day all over again as I created the final video.  I’m so happy with the result, and I hope others will find it as uplifting as I do. I want to thank Make-A-Wish for inviting the JPG Videography team to be a part of this inspirational project. It’s always so rewarding to contribute to your mission. To Landry and his family, the JPG team wishes you all the best and many happy days in your new tree house!

Best, Laura and Gustavo

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