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Meredith & David’s Avalon, NJ Wedding Highlight Video

The JPG Photo and Video team had a ball at the beach documenting Meredith and David’s Avalon, NJ Wedding Highlight Video! It’s hard to decide which was more colorful: the dazzling changes in weather, a sweeping double rainbow, the incredible Wind Drift Hotel, or the high energy personalities of the bride, groom, and their entire bridal party. When you put all of these factors together, the result is an incredibly fun and vibrant video! This couple hit the jack pot in terms of wedding day weather. Sure, it wasn’t exactly 72 degrees and balmy, but there was a stunning storm of deep blue clouds that rolled over the beach and left a full double rainbow in its wake, which seemed to kiss the couple with good luck. Included in the reel are beautiful time lapse clips made with Go Pro cameras, capturing this special detail of the day. We love to embellish our work with creative touches, and time lapses with Go Pro are often an on-point addition! We also passed them around the couple’s shuttle busses, which were much more like party busses. The Go Pros captured the rowdy fun perfectly.  I love the variety in this video. The romance of the weather and the beach juxtaposed with good times that just kept rolling throughout the day resulted in a reel we are truly proud to share!

Thank you to Meredith and David for trusting us with your big day. We loved every minute! Congrats!

Best, Laura

View full highlight video here:

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