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Kerry & Tom’s Pen Ryn Estate Wedding Highlight Video

Kerry and Tom’s beautiful Pen Ryn Estate wedding highlight video is the perfect example of why hiring a second videographer can take the footage of your day to a whole new level of extraordinary. With two sets of eyes behind the camera, the footage not only covers more ground, but also results in a more well-rounded and diverse reel. In this video, the JPG videography team was able to document both the bride and groom getting ready, multiple angles of the ceremony and reception, and the perspective of two artists experiencing the day. From the sweet ceremony at St. Timothy’s Roman Catholic Church to the super fun reception at Pen Ryn Estate in Bensalem, the JPG team was able to capture all the details Kerry and Tom will never want to forget.

Are you thinking about capturing an upcoming event you want to remember for years to come? We suggest considering hiring two videographers to create a robust team who absolutely will not miss a beat!

Congratulations to Kerry and Tom! thank you for putting your trust in our team.

Best, Laura

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