JPG Inquiry Response and Questionnaire

Congratulations on your engagement and wedding plans! This process is simultaneously wonderful and stressful. Picking the best photographer for you means matching vision and personality.

Who is JPG?

We’re a team — one different than most studios. We comprise a team of people who are fun, adventurous and love to laugh. We photograph stories and moments unlike most other studios around the world. We do it with as little interference as possible, respecting our newspaper photojournalism roots and blend it with contemporary portraiture…you know, those epic/creative portraits making you look fabulous!

Who is a Photojournalist?

It’s a visual storyteller. It’s someone who seeks and finds moments by capturing a scene in the peak of the action. It’s not about stopping the flow, manipulating the scene or interfering with your day. It’s about being genuine and relaxed. A photojournalist thinks the best moments are the ones you don’t plan for.

What do clients say?

“I loved JPG. They were FANTASTIC! The level of comfort that Joe provided was so amazing and helpful. My family and my husband’s are just very ridiculous people so the fact that Joe fit right in and that we had inside jokes with him by the end of it was very telling to us. Joe was also helpful in controlling the environment and making sure that as the bride, I was doing what I had wanted to do. He kind of took over as a wedding coordinator in that aspect of making sure that what was important to me was taken care of. Thank you a million times over! I recommend you to everyone.”

“We couldn’t have asked for a better photography team! We feel like you are part of our extended family. Our wedding was well over a year ago and I still can’t stop talking about you guys.”

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Why JPG?

Our team has someone for everyone. If you love to travel, dine out, bike, watch movies or play video games, JPG has the talent and personality to match. We’ve also earned more awards for our creativity than any other studio in the region.


In 2013 and 2014, JPG has been named among its top 20 photographers in the world.
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JPG has earned more Fearless awards than anyone else in PA.
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Philly Hot List:
The only studio named a finalist 5 years running, being named #1 in Photography and Photo Booths.
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We’re consistently ranked in the top of all wedding photojournalists in PA.
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Question & Answer

Please answer the following questions:

Contact Information:

1. When and where is your wedding?

3. On a scale of 0-5 with five (5) indicating JPG and you are a perfect match and zero (0) indicating that you're just mean for no constructive reason, please rank how well JPG Photography matches with your own vision and art.

6. Are you interested in learning about JPG's other products or services such as our videography, photo booths, albums, canvas prints or other products? *

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9. Tell us about yourselves:

B. Give me a word or phrase to describe you both.

C. What do you do for a living?

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