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11th Place! ISPWP ranks JPG among best in the world

The International Society of Professional Wedding Photographers in an intimidating bunch of quality artistic professionals. The list isn’t local, it’s not even national. It’s worldwide, and in it’s latest quarterly contest results, JPG Photography is ranked #11 in the world. Not only that, there are only four United States-based wedding photographers placed on the top 20 list. I earned enough contest points to be ranked 2nd in the country this quarter!

It’s an honor to be on this tremendous list of talent, as it’s a new accomplishment for me, personally. I always strive to be the best, and while it’s not about the awards, I won’t deny the amazing joy and overwhelming emotion from not just having one award, but three. After 10 years, I’m thrilled to know I still have great moments in me, and many more to come. If you haven’t seen the list, go here: ISPWP Fall 2013  and please check out Lanny Mann, this quarter’s 1st place winner. Wow…just tremendous talent here (who I also know as a Fearless Photographer.)

Many thanks to my JPG team, and I want to shine a spotlight on Ashlee Kulp who assisted on all three of these four shoots! She is somehow lighting Kathryn and Sean in the SEPTA train without being seen during their engagement in Chestnut Hill! Also, another thanks to Amy and Ted for this amazing first Mother-Son Dance shot at the Barn on the Bridge in Collegeville, PA. And to our now dear friends, Aubrey and Eric, who participated in one of the coolest Trash the Dress sessions I’ve ever devised…you two are amazing for what you did during that shoot! And you can’t forget the talented travelers, Sam & Mitt, who we shared flights with on their Colorado & Utha wedding this summer. Love that moment at PARC! Thank you all!

Joe G

ISPWP Award-winning List JPG Photography

SEPTA Chestnut Hill JPG Photography

Amy-Ted JPG Photography

Aubrey-Eric Trash the Dress JPG Photography

Sam & Mitt @ Parc, Philadelphia, JPG Photography

Photographers on this Shoot

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