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13 Best First Looks of 2013

The anticipation is killing you. You’ve spent the entire morning getting hyped with your best friends in the whole wide world. As you run the comb through your hair looking at your reflection in the mirror, you tell yourself to calm down before nerves enrapture your entire being. You straighten your tie and smoothed the wrinkles from the jacket of your tuxedo; readying yourself to venture out to meet her. For months you’ve imagined this moment, envisioned what she will look like– an angel, a goddess in white.

Everything that you dreamed she’d be… throw it out the window, because what you see is better than your imagination could possibly fathom.

The first look is a moment to be remembered.

Much Love,


1. Kirsten and Marty (Rodin Museum)

2. Jess and Tomas (Glen Foerd Mansion)

3. Sarah and Phil (Stone House at Stirling Ridge)

4. Kristen and Jamie (Rittenhouse Square)

5. Elena and Russ (The Stone Barn in Kennett Square)

6. Vanessa and John (Stokesay Castle)

7. Kristine and Shazell (Waterfall in Claymont, Delaware)

8. Marianne and Mike (Bank Street Annex )

9. Lauren and Jesse (Smithville)

10. Melissa and Jason (Crystal Tea Room)

11. Sari and Kel (Race Street Pier)

12. and 13. Michelle and Eric (Eric’s Backyard in  Moorestown NJ)

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Photographers on this Shoot

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