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13 Best Shoes of 2013

Shoes tell stories. In keeping with photojournalism, JPG Photography makes it a point to capture a shoe shot at every wedding knowing fully the importance of the role they play in the day.  In her pumps, flats, stilettos or sandals, a bride will walk down the aisle taking the next steps into her future, she will dance like a fool until her feet can bear it no more as they cry out for freedom. At the end of the evening she kicks off her satin, suede, velvet, or leather heals for one final dance. The shoes she wore in, will be carried out and placed in her closet as a reminder of the journey.

In the case of my wedding shoes, their journey ended when my dog decided to eat them. These 13 shoes hopefully have better luck than mine.

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1. Katherine and Nicholas (Long Beach Bay Resort, British Virgin Islands)

2. Kasey and Ryan (Groom’s Parent’s Home in Glenmore, PA)

3. Marena and Matthew (Stockton Seaview Dolce Resort)

4. Ashley and Cory (Bride’s Parents Home in Moorestown, NJ)

5. Rima and Tim (Crystal Tea Room)

6. Jennifer and Gordon (Cescaphe)

7. Grace and Matt (Tendenza)

8. Nancy and John (Independence Seaport Museum)

9. Kristen and James (The Rittenhouse Hotel)

10. Jolie and Dominic (Water Works)

11. Rebecca and Karl (Chicago Cultural Center )

12. Nora and Steve ( Couple’s Home in Montgomery County, PA)

13. Michelle and Eric (Ocean Harbor)


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