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Annie and Abby’s Fairmount Park Wedding

I’d like to think the moment we knew Annie and Abby would have a killer wedding was when we received an email titled simply “Thrill the Wedding.”  Here’s how it opened:

“Party people!!  We are fourteen weeks away and counting from exchanging nuptials.  Planning is well underway and it’s time to kick off the Thrill the Wedding secret (SHH!) flash mob mission.  Yes, that’s right, we will be paying tribute to the man with the famous white glove at our wedding and we think you are just the group to help.” Yes, Annie and Abby are quite the Michael Jackson fans, and to celebrate, they created a flash mob…at their own wedding.  This was no small feat — the ladies first sent out several instructional YouTube video links and then hosted actual rehearsal sessions pre-wedding.

Even the day of, the happy couple and a few of their close friends ran through their moves in a side room of the Fairmount Park Horticultural Center (which was, by the way, a BEAUTIFUL venue.  It’s basically a cool, reflective green-house filled with tons of exotic plants and flowers.)

But the truth is that we knew that Annie and Abby would have a wonderful wedding long before the Thriller email.  We did Abby and Annie’s “a day in the life” engagement shoot last winter which documented them doing ordinary day-to-day activities like walking their dog, Leelu,  through the park and watching TV together.

My shot of them going down a slide at the park even won an ISPWP award!  We knew when they invited our dogs, Gus and Trudy, to hang out with Leelu.  We knew when we scheduled a West Wing marathon, and then spent the next few hours sharing funny stories instead.  We knew when we met these two that their wedding would rock and their marriage would be one that would last.

The ceremony couldn’t have been more perfect.  They had so many colorful drinks and a really cool lemonade bar with various kinds of sweet and savory lemonades. Sunshine abounded, Leelu successfully brought up their rings, and Abby and Annie both wore the biggest smiles after the announcement and the kiss.

And with a reception kicked off by a Thriller flash mob, things couldn’t be better. Abby and Annie, we love you both, and we know you’ll thrill the pants off of marriage!

Joe G.

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