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Alissa and David’s Duportail House Wedding

Some of the most beautiful venues to hold weddings are also the oldest. It can give a rustic, yet classic, feeling, being able to exchange vows with a loved one under a roof that is hundreds of years old. That’s what helped to  make Alissa and David’s wedding at the Duportail House simply beautiful – it was a great choice to make!

The Duportail House is enriched in historical value, which makes this an incredibly interesting venue choice. Built just prior to the American Revolution, it has sustained over 250 years of weather wear-and-tear through the help of the Amish, the University of Pennsylvania, and its own NPO. So when Alissa and David booked their wedding at this estate, they were joining the long lines of famed scholars, generals, and Quakers!

Alissa took her time preparing herself in the house, making sure every detail was perfect and beautiful

David arrived a little later to do the same, with casualness and calm. This couple was so laidback on such a hectic day, yet I could tell that they were excited to commit their lives to one another. I guess it helps to have a little Yorkie friend with a honeycomb bowtie at your side!

Their ketubah signing was an excellent showing of their faith in one another, as well as in their religion. Family and friends watched with smiles as they took part in the Sheva Brachot. It was truly a touching moment to be a part of this loving tradition. And they continued their joy as they joined the couple and the rabbi outside for the final moments of the ceremony. With a loving smooch and a breaking of glass, the two joined together as husband and wife.

We took some lovely photos afterwards on a bridge on the property, and moved over to outside the

stone farm and around the mint-green trees. Her non-traditional dress really matched well with the vibrant scenery. When they arrived to the reception hall, all of their family members and friends were chatting the night away. It’s always refreshing to see loved ones reminiscing and catching up, especially when the bride and groom can join in!

Mazel tov to Alissa and David on their beautiful wedding day. May you both create your own history to last for ages to come!


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