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Alysenn and Jason at Four Seasons in Philly

For many of our weddings at JPG, we think about what time the sun will set and plan our photos accordingly. Some of our favorite shots are at night with ambient light from lamposts or a bit of creative off-camera flash on our part.

But it’s rare that we need to consider what time the sun will RISE.

Alysenn and Jason’s wedding allowed us to flip the script and begin with a morning ceremony followed by a brunch reception at the Four Seasons. We loved the early-morning eagerness that Alysenn exhibited while getting ready, and the meaningful vows they exchanged in an intimate ceremony — not a dry eye in the house!

Brunch consisted of delicious delicacies like eggs benedict and french toast. Yet even with all that good food, guests were not tired — they had a great time on the dance floor. Instead of a cake cutting, the couple served each other cupcakes — so sweet!

One of the best things about a morning wedding was that Alysenn and Jason could celebrate every minute of their reception and still have amazing bright sunlight awaiting them outside for some city pics.

Alysenn put on her comfy shoes, and we walked all over the city, grabbing some of our favorite shots. Then, the bride and groom had the rest of the evening to put their feet up and just enjoy being married.

Alysenn and Jason, may the sun continue to rise over your loving commitment every day. Thanks for including us in your wedding!


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