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Amber & John, St. Patrick RCC and Simeone Automotive Museum

Everyone knows weddings are about love, laughter, and fun. But it’s easy to forget how much trust goes into the day, too. At Amber and John’s wedding at St. Patrick’s Roman Catholic Church in Woodbury, NJ and the Simeone Automotive Museum in Philly, this couple had to put an unusual amount of reliance on each other, their friends, family, vendors and especially their photographer: yours truly!

While Amber was getting ready at the Four Points Sheridan, I had my eye on the gorgeous glass elevators. Trusting that I wouldn’t let anything go wrong, Amber let me send her dress–accompanied by a few chaperones–up to the very top of the building.

While it went up, we took some artistic shots from the outside. Of course, the dress made it back to the bride safely.

Later, at the reception, Amber and John had to have faith that their venue would make the party happen: they were one of the first weddings to be held there! There are all sorts of old cars and sets around the museum, and we took some amazing shots of the wedding party on a set that looked like a gas station.

One of the couple’s friends is a bellydancer, and gave a live performance at the reception as a gift. Amber even joined in!

The couple’s trust turned out to be well-placed, because their party at the museum was a blast, and the great shots we got throughout the day made all the risks worth it.

Amber and John, thanks for relying JPG to document your special day. We wish you many happy years, of loving, laughing and, especially, trusting each other.


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