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Amy & Ted at Barn on Bridge, Collegeville, PA

At JPG, we always want our couples to be themselves. Amy and Ted had no walls up on their wedding day at The Barn on Bridge in Collegeville, PA.

The idea of being a typical, “pretty” bride isn’t part of Amy’s personality. She’s a gorgeous girl, but being the “pretty” bride makes her feel fake. Our team of Philadelphia wedding photographers want you to be yourself, so Amy spent the day sticking her tongue out and making silly faces. She was completely herself, and we LOVED it!

When it comes to outdoor weddings, the weather is either hit or miss. Instead of rain on Amy and Ted’s day, it was HOT. A note to brides planning an outdoor wedding in summer, please remember the following: cold drinks, hand fans, umbrellas, AC, sunscreen…anything your guests might need to stay cool and protected from the sun.

Despite the heat, Amy and Ted had a great, funny ceremony. A great sequence of shots came with Amy first smiling, then tearing up, then Ted wiping away her tears. It was a beautiful, unfiltered progression of their emotions throughout the day.

One of my favorite moments of the entire YEAR was when Ted danced with his mom. Amy was standing just off the dance floor, watching, and started tearing up. I framed her between the two of them and caught this real, unstaged moment that tells a story, about family dynamics and the love they share. These are the moments why I love what I do.

Amy and Ted, thank you for choosing JPG to document your wedding. Thank you for being yourselves and reminding me why I love being a photojournalist. Best of luck in your lives together!

Joe G.

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